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India V/s World Floorball Show Match-2009: FFI is going to conduct an International Match, between "India" V/s "World Floorball Show Match" which will be held on 20th September 2009 Timing at: 4.30 PM (Evening) at CMS School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (UP) ,To know more, please contact Mr. Mohd Sarfaraz Ansari on his cell no. +09335928073.

National Federation Cup (Men & Women) Results: Uttrakhand defeat Uttar Pradesh (Men) & Delhi defeat Uttar Pradesh (Women) on 17th Sep.2009 at Lucknow.

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NEWS: 7th National Floorball Championship-2017 would be held on 22nd to 24th December 2017 at : International Institue of Special Education-IISE College, Kalyanpur, Lucknow, Please contact for Registration, Mr. Mushahid Khan Dy. General Secretary-FFI Contact at : 09789992260
NEWS: 3rd Men & Women's Federation Cup 2016 would be held on 30th to 31st Jan 2016 at : Montfort Inter College, Lucknow, Please contact for Registration, Contact Office Secretary-FFI Ms. Shivati Yadav 0522-2303663, 2303664 or National Organising Secretary-FFI - Mr. P.S. Gill at : 09811012296
GREAT NEWS India defeated World Floorball Team, which was held in Lucknow, India on 20th September-2009, the score was 4-2 Gole, India defeated World Floorball Team, which was held in Lucknow, India on 20th September-2009, the score was 4-2 Gole, India defeated World Floorball Team, which was held in Lucknow, India on 20th September-2009, the score was 4-2 Gole..

INDIA defeated WORLD TEAM by 4-2 Goles

Team India Captain Mr. Vinod Sonkar (Uttar Pradesh) with Winning Trophy

The Team India (Floorball) has participated in India & World Floorball Match-2009 at CMS, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, India, was held on 20th September-2009, time : 04.30 PM (IST), the Team World consists; Singapore, Finland, Australia, Switzerland, Indonesia India, and Iran, and India won match by giving defeats 4-2 goles, Team India player Mr. Pankaj Tiwari (Madhya Pradesh) and Fraz Ahmed Khan (Uttar Pradesh) has two-two goles by each one. Mr. Vishal Sonkar and Mr. Sandip Kumar Verma has given excellent passes which convert into goles by these two players, Mr. Pankaj Tiwari (Madhya Pradesh) has been awarded the Best Player of the Match and & Team World's Gole-keeper Mr. Harpal Singh (Punjab) has been awarded Best Gole-keeper of the Match. Team India Captain Mr. Vinod Sonkar (Uttar Pradesh) is celeberating with Winning Trophy at the here to see more pictures. The ISE Cards India Limited was the main sponsors of "Federation Cup-2009", The "IFF-Development Seminar-2009", and "India V/s World Floorball Match-2009" in Lucknow, India. click here

Team India is celeberating the Winning Match-2009
The Team India is celeberatating the moment with chief guest Mrs. Mumtaz Jahan and Ms. Ummi Khanam Secretary General-FFI & Mr. P.S. Gill, National Organising Secretary-FFI and official of FFI and other special guests from Indonesia, and Iran is joining the great moment which Team India has got this winning moment since five years long jurney and hard work and played many international matches with Singapore, Malaysia and Bangladesh and Korea, and Team India also Played Two Asia Pacific Floorball Championship-2005 in Singapore and 2009 in Korea.

IFF Development Program Seminars in India and New Zealand


After the success of the IFF Floorball Development Programme Seminars in both Australia and Singapore, in 2006 and 2007, the IFF Development Function has together with the Asia-Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) decided to organise a separate session of the Floorball Development Programme for its Central Asian member federations as well as new and potential IFF member countries.


The seminars are organised in order to support and develop the organisation and the operational activities of our members and emerging countries.


The next Floorball Development Programme Seminar will be organised in Wellington New Zealand from the 11th - 13th of September, where the Oceanian federations and contacts are invited to. The second seminar, in co-operation with the Floorball Federation of India will be held in the city of Lucknow, India at the City Montessori School, Branch-Gomti Nagar from the 18th to the 20th of September 2009.


The seminar will include coach, referee and administrational education and the course consists of a combination of theoretical lectures, practical training sessions, group works and match observation.

IFF-Seminar in China

The seminar is built on the “Train the Trainer”-approach, including three different blocks,
one for Organisation, one for Coaching and one for Refereeing.

These three different blocks are all aiming to give additional knowledge and support in these fields to the participating federations and persons interested in Floorball. A participant can only take part in one block during the seminar.

The seminar is directed to give insight in organisational issues for the persons running federation’s/clubs or planning to form one, the coaching course is meant for club and playing coaches and persons interested in coach instructors and the refereeing part is for persons responsible for referee education, nomination, observing and some referees.The course consists of a combination of theoretical lectures, practical training sessions, group works and hand-on training and match observation during three days. To know more, click here

IFF-Seminar in Argentina
The IFF has built a course material, consisting of lectures, practical rehearsals and instructions, which are all in English. All the participants to this course will receive the educational material from the course.

The International Floorball Federation invites the IFF Member Associations to participate in these Floorball Development Seminars, with 3-4 persons per country in each of the three blocks.

The participation in the Floorball Development Programme Seminar is free of charge, but all participants are responsible for their costs related to travel, accommodation and food. To know about Lucknow, India, click here


Register for the seminar in India


The IFF and FFI would like to ask the participants and the National Associations to answer the FFI and IFF Office with the nominations of participants to the seminar latest by the 15th of August, 2009, if they are interested of participating in the Development Seminar in India in September.


Read more about IFF Development program from here.


National Federation Cup on September 17th 2009


The Floorball Federation of India is also organising a one day National Floorball Tournament at CMS, Gomti Nagar in Lucknow where six Men´s and four Women´s teams will take part in the Federation Cup. The FFI invites all participants from all over the world to have a look at what Floorball is today in India and see more of the city of Lucknow. Here are some links to visit: Lucknow-Tourist-Attractions, Lucknow-Travel-Tips-Shopping, Lucknow-History, Lucknow-City


4th National Floorball Championship (Mem & Women)


A record amount of players and teams taking part in the 4th National Floorball Championships (Men & Women)-2007

The 4th National Floorball Championships (Men & Women) 2007 were played on the 27th to 29th of December 2007 in Khadki, Pune, (Maharashtra), India organised by the Maharashtra Floorball Association under the agies of Floorball Federation of India (FFI). There were 24 teams and over 400 players and officials participating in the 4th National Floorball Championships.

In the men´s final Maharashtra/Red won over Mumbai 2-1. In the bronze match Punjab defeated Maharashtra/Blue by 2-1. In the 4th National skills of the games was so improved in camparision to International Floorball Standard, men & women both has shown their best sports. To know details results pictures, please click here


Also in the women´s final Maharastra/Red was victorious when the team won over Uttar Pradesh 4-0, while in the bronze match Maharasthra/Blue won over Vidharbh 10-0. In the 4th National women participation was remarkable and it is good sign for developments of floorball amongst women in the country.

Floorball gaining publicity in India
The Floorball Federation of India announced that the 4th National Floorball Championships in India will be broadcasted by Doordarshan (DD) Sports national channel on the 21st of January 2008. DD Sports is India´s Governments TV Channel.

We are also updating the Pakistan Floorball Federation contact web site for the upcoming international tournament.
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Great cultural exchange program is also one of the purposes of this web site. You can be the touring coach for FFI if you have courage to come to India with you floorball stick! You will be taken good care of if you want to teach school children what is "the name of the game". Please contact us for further details about this exchange program.
Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari

The Founder & National President-Floorball Federation of India - FFI Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ASNARI and its governing body has worked hard and developed the floorball very popular in many states of the country, even many other sports players, sports officials are diversifying into floorball, in view that the floorball is very attractive and very fast with any other game, it is very suitable for childrens, school boys, The IOC the floorball has granted recognition on dated. 11th December-2008 by its Executive Committee Meeting of International Olympic Committee (IOC) at expected to be played in Olympic in 2012 London (To know more click here). The International University Sports Federation (FISU) & International School Sports Federation (ISF) & General Association of International Sports Federations AGFIS/GAISF has already adopted & affiliated floorball into their charter, which shows that floorball is well accepting by the society of the world sports. -FFI

  Thank you for your interest towards floorball in India. We hope you can get the best help here for your information requirements about floorball in India and floorball generally. However, if your needs are not satisfied with the information we are providing here, please don't hesitate to contact the Web Master. You can email him directly via this link: Webmaster.  


News: State Floorball Unit (SFU) Is Vacant Or Wants To Change (SFU)? Interested should be dynamic and sports personality cantact for the following vacant or wants to change these state floorball units; e-mail or call to National President-FFI at 0522-2303664, 2303663. States are :- Tripura; Sikkim; Orissa; Nagaland; Mizoram; Meghalaya; Kerala; Himachal Pradesh; Goa; Rajasthan; Chandigarh; Karnataka; Assam; Arunachal Pradesh; Pondicherry; Dadra and Nagar Haveli; Daman and Diu; Lakshadweep; Andaman and Nicobar Islands etc.,.,
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