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The founder of FFI is also the founder of International Non-Olympic Committee: and also of

The International Super Cricket Committee
The World Sports Karate-Do Federation

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Our Partner Organizations are :

International Organizations are :

The International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC)

The International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC), a beacon of global sportsmanship and cultural celebration, proudly stands as the Second Largest Sport Organization on our planet, following in the majestic footsteps of the illustrious Olympic institution. INOC's distinguished mission revolves around extending its warm embrace to all corners of the globe, extending an open invitation for membership to every Non-Olympic Sport that graces our diverse world. With INOC as its guiding light, the kaleidoscope of non-Olympic sports finds a united platform to shine brightly, fostering unity, diversity, and the pursuit of excellence in sporting endeavors. See more..

International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum (INPPRF)

The International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum (INPPRF) stands as a singular, globally unifying force, activated with a resolute purpose—to bolster and stand shoulder to shoulder with the venerable Nobel Foundation and its multifaceted Committees spanning the far reaches of our planet. Yet, its noble mission extends far beyond these bounds, for INPPRF is not merely an organization; it is the beating heart of solidarity, aligning itself with the harmonious cadence of World Peace Movements and International Sports Organizations, forging an unbreakable bond in the name of peace, progress, and the universal spirit of humanity. See more..

The International Yoga Committee (IYC)

The International Yoga Committee (IYC), a sanctuary of serenity and enlightenment, emerges with a profound purpose—to cradle the global community of Yoga teachers and masters within its nurturing embrace, fostering an environment of profound peace, boundless love, unbreakable unity, and unwavering respect. As an embodiment of harmony, IYC's aspirations mirror the very essence of Yoga itself, transcending borders and languages, touching the hearts and souls of all who seek its solace. The INOC, in its wisdom, has bestowed upon "Yoga" the distinguished status of a Non-Olympic sports discipline, recognizing its profound significance as a conduit to physical and spiritual well-being. See more..

World Sports Karate Federation (WSKF)

The radiant purpose of the World Sports Karate Federation (WSKE) unfurls like a tapestry of inspiration, as it unfalteringly champions the global proliferation of Sports Karate, not only as a form of physical excellence but as a profound vessel of education, culture, and sportsmanship. WSKE stands as a resplendent beacon, ardently promoting the transformative idea that Sports Karate transcends the arena, influencing the very essence of thought. Conceived on the 29th of April in 2005, amidst the vibrant tapestry of India, WSKE was not just born, but it was envisioned and nurtured by a small gathering of karate Masters, with the indomitable Sensei T. Paandiraj emerging as its illustrious founder, setting in motion a legacy that continues to illuminate the path of sports and spirit. See more..

International Silambam Committee (ISC)

After several years of remarkable global expansion and countless challenges faced in championing traditional sports, the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) has taken a significant stride forward in the quest to foster these cherished cultural pastimes. In the year 2019, INOC made a historic declaration, officially designating "Silambam" as a Non-Olympic Sport and establishing a dedicated entity known as the "International Silambam Committee (ISC)." This momentous decision not only showcases a commitment to preserving and promoting traditional sports but also signifies the unwavering dedication of INOC to honor the rich tapestry of sporting heritage from around the world. See more..

International Super-Cricket Committee (ISCC)

The International Super-Cricket Committee, an unrivaled gem in the world of sports, radiates with an unparalleled level of excitement and thrilling allure, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts across all age spectrums. In this exhilarating arena, players transcend conventional boundaries, wielding both bat and ball with unwavering skill and grace, pitting their very best against opponents in a symphony of sporting prowess. It stands not just as a game but as a testament to the boundless spirit of competition and camaraderie, where the magic of Super-Cricket transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports. See more..

World Council For Regular and Distance Education (WCRDE)

The World Council for Regular and Distance Education (WCRDE) unfolds as a noble harbinger of transformation, a non-profit international sanctuary where the regular, open, and distance education community finds its home. Within its open embrace, educational institutions, universities, authorities, and individuals converge, their collective spirit resonating with the symphony of knowledge dissemination. In this hallowed space, the boundaries of learning blur, and the world unites in pursuit of enlightenment, for WCRDE knows no bounds, offering an inclusive haven where the pursuit of education transcends the confines of tradition, propelling humanity towards a brighter, more interconnected future. See more..

International Non-Olympic University (INOU)

The International Non-Olympic University (INOU), a visionary institution, stands as the embodiment of an audacious dream—the realization of the world's first "Mega University." With its unprecedented mission, INOU endeavors to establish a university in every corner of the globe, a monumental undertaking that reverberates with the profound mantra: "One World, One Education." In the annals of world education, this concept etches a new chapter, forging an indomitable path toward unity, knowledge dissemination, and global enlightenment, where the boundaries of learning crumble, and the seeds of a more interconnected, harmonious world are sown. See more..

Noble World Records (NWR)

It is an absolute pleasure to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome as we embark on the third year of publication at the Noble Book of World Records (NBWR), in partnership with Non-Olympic Times (NOT). This year marks a pivotal moment in our journey, as our visionary at the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) leads us toward innovative changes. Alongside, a novel publication model has been embraced by Noble World Records (NWR). I wholeheartedly appreciate and encourage all record holders to share their remarkable stories within this esteemed platform, solidifying the reputation of their achievements on a global scale. Your contributions are the lifeblood of our shared legacy. See more..

Non-Olympic Times (NOT)

The Non-Olympic Times stands as a beacon of information and enlightenment, a Quarterly newspaper and publishing company dedicated to disseminating news, research articles, and press releases that transcend political boundaries. It is an integral part of the illustrious International Non-Olympic Committee, embodying the spirit of unity and knowledge dissemination. While our roots are firmly planted in India, our vision knows no borders, and we aspire to touch the hearts and minds of readers worldwide, fostering a world where information flows freely and transcends geographical constraints. See more..

National Brand Awards (NBA)

The National Brand Awards, a harmonious collaboration between "INPPRF" and "INOU," have been meticulously crafted under the benevolent guidance of "INOC." This visionary initiative is a radiant beacon, designed to celebrate and uplift Star Companies, Royal Star Companies, and Royal Legends, as well as exceptional individuals worldwide. The primary aim is to inspire them to become pillars of support for marginalized communities by championing these transformative projects, fostering independence, and nurturing a spirit of contribution towards the collective dream of a peaceful and harmonious global society. Rather than dependence, the focus is on empowerment, for it is in unity and integrity that we shape a brighter world together. See more..

The World Economic Forum For Asia-Africa (WeFaa)

The World Economic Forum for Asia-Africa (WeFaa) stands as a visionary catalyst, pioneering the transformation of economic landscapes through the establishment of Economic Prosperity Infrastructure Developments (EPIDs). Within this dynamic framework, WeFaa orchestrates the birth of Global Economic Zones (GEZ), the flourishing of Energy Hubs, the emergence of vibrant Trade Centers, and strategic investments into the growth sectors of economies. It delves deep into the intricate web of economic dimensions, meticulously exploring the entire value chain for the mutual prosperity of the Asia-Africa EPID Initiative. With WeFaa's guiding hand, these regions embark on a journey towards a brighter and more prosperous future, where collaboration knows no bounds, and shared benefits light the path to global economic transformation. See more..

The Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI)

The Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) stands as an eminent International Chamber of Commerce, proudly uniting 57 member countries and welcoming 5 observer member countries, alongside forging deep connections with over 250 nations worldwide. It is not just an organization; it's a resonant symphony, proclaiming itself as the harmonious chorus that amplifies the collective voice of Indian commerce, trade, and economics, intertwining seamlessly with the aspirations and endeavors of OIC Muslim Nations. In its tapestry of relations, IICCI weaves a vibrant narrative of unity, partnership, and shared prosperity, symbolizing the essence of global commerce that transcends borders, cultures, and ideologies. See more..

Organization of Indian Muslim & Islamic World For Peace (OIM-IWP)

The Organization of Indian Muslim & Islamic World For Peace (OIM-IWP), a beacon of humanitarianism in India and the Muslim World, safeguards the identity and dignity of the Muslim community. It vigilantly monitors their socio-political, economic, and educational progress at global, national, state, and district levels, drawing inspiration from organizations like the "Organization of Islamic Cooperation" (OIC) and the "Muslim World League" (MWL) of Saudi Arabia, as well as the "International Islamic Charity Organization" (IICO) of Kuwait. Established in 2016 during the 12th special meeting of the FFM Council of INOC, it operates globally, uniting hearts and hands for peace and development. See more..

National Sports Organizations are :

Indian Non-Olympic Association (INOA)

A profound source of pride and inspiration envelops the Indian Non-Olympic Federations, its sports personalities, players, and experts, as they witness the establishment of the Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA. This monumental achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and visionary leadership of Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, Founder and President of the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC). In the tapestry of Indian sports, this momentous milestone shines as a beacon, ushering in a new era of recognition, unity, and opportunities for excellence. See more..

Indian Non-Olympic Association INOA)

A profound source of pride and inspiration envelops the Indian Non-Olympic Federations, its sports personalities, players, and experts, as they witness the establishment of the INDIAN NON-OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION-INOA. This monumental achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and visionary leadership of Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, Founder and President of the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC). In the tapestry of Indian sports, this momentous milestone shines as a beacon, ushering in a new era of recognition, unity, and opportunities for excellence. See more..

Indian Super-Cricket Federation (ISCF)

The Indian Super-Cricket Federation, an exhilarating gem in our nation's sporting tapestry, pulsates with unmatched excitement, casting a magnetic allure that transcends generations. In this thrilling arena, players don both the mantle of batsmen and bowlers, unleashing their best abilities in a symphony of competition. Super-cricket, a super-fast marvel on the global stage, dazzles with its brevity, captivating even those nations previously uninterested in leisurely-paced games. In this swift and spirited spectacle, results manifest swiftly, beckoning new enthusiasts from all corners to embrace the pulse-pounding thrill of Super-Cricket, where every moment is an epic in itself. See more..

Association of Sports Karate India (ASKI)

The Association of Sports Karate India, a noble national governing body, stands as a beacon of virtue in the realm of sports karate. As a non-profit organization, its heart beats with the rhythm of service, extending recognition and support to the entire karate community across India. In its embrace, the spirit of karate finds a home where excellence is celebrated, unity is cherished, and the pursuit of martial artistry flourishes. With unwavering commitment, it paves the way for karate to thrive, exemplifying the true essence of sportsmanship and community for a brighter future. See more..

National Yoga Federation of India (NYFI)

The National Yoga Federation of India (NYFI) emerges as a profound force for unity and enlightenment within the yoga community. As a non-profit national membership organization, its arms are wide open to embrace yoga institutions, universities, authorities, and individuals. NYFI's sacred mission is to serve as a sanctuary where Yoga teachers and masters from all walks of life find solace in the embrace of peace, love, unity, and respect. In the grand tapestry of the world, INOC's recognition of 'Yoga' as a Non-Olympic sports discipline resonates as a universal call to action. With "One World; One Education" as its guiding principle, NYFI beckons all yoga teachers to unite in their collective endeavor to illuminate the path of yoga for the betterment of humanity across the globe. See more..

Floorball Federation of India (FFI)

The Floorball Federation of India (FFI), under the visionary leadership of the indomitable sports enthusiast Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, was officially registered as early as 2001, operating under the auspices of the International Floorball Federation-IFF ( The journey commenced with its fair share of challenges, marked by a scarcity of equipment and supporters. Yet, undeterred, Dr. ANSARI embarked on the arduous task of building a robust network of state-level associations, patiently preparing the groundwork for the day when floorball would take flight in India. It was in the vibrant city of Mumbai, in March 2003, that destiny orchestrated the first meeting between Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI and Mr. Jarkko Harkonen, a floorball enthusiast hailing from Finland, who had journeyed to India in November 2002. Their fateful encounter marked the convergence of passion, dedication, and a shared dream that would shape the future of floorball in India. See more..

Silambam Association of India (SAI)

Silambam Association of India (SAI), the supreme governing body for Silambam Sports in India, holds registration under MSMED, GOI Act of 2006 (Reg. No: TN03D0077060). SAI's mission spans from grassroots to national levels, organizing training camps, seminars, and tournaments. It champions the true art and traditional culture of Silambam for physical culture, self-defense, and amateur sport, representing India internationally. Recognized by NYKS, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, Indian Non-Olympic Association, Asian Silambam Committee (ASC), and International Silambam Committee (ISC), SAI's journey began with two states in 2018 and has since burgeoned to encompass 31 state associations, bringing Silambam's beauty to every corner of India. See more..

National Textiles & Exports Organization is :

The Indian Textiles and Handicrafts Exports Promotion Organization (ITHEPO)

The Indian Textiles and Handicrafts Exports Promotion Organization (ITHEPO) stands as the paramount advocate for the nation's vibrant textiles and handicrafts trade and export industry. ITHEPO is an integral organ of The All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society (AIMAWS), a national body dedicated to uplifting Momin Ansar and other marginalized communities, including weavers. These communities face dire challenges in education, healthcare, nutrition, and living standards, necessitating collective support. In this noble endeavor, ISE Cards India Limited ( assumes the distinguished role of Exclusive Commercial Partner, fortifying ITHEPO's mission to empower and elevate these deserving communities, weaving a tapestry of hope and progress in the fabric of India. See more..

Corporate Sector Companies Are :

ISE Cards India Limited (ISE)

ISE Cards India Limited, a conglomerate of diverse companies, thrives in a multifaceted business landscape encompassing IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Medical Equipment, and Aviation (Aircraft Sales & Services). This synthesis of businesses and collaborative partnerships embodies our commitment to continually refine and share our collective expertise. It empowers us to elegantly cater to the intricate needs of a vast spectrum of customers across a myriad of industries, where innovation and excellence converge to shape a boundless future. See more..

ISE Cards India Limited (ISE)

ISE Cards India Limited, a conglomerate of diverse companies, thrives in a multifaceted business landscape encompassing IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Medical Equipment, and Aviation (Aircraft Sales & Services). This synthesis of businesses and collaborative partnerships embodies our commitment to continually refine and share our collective expertise. It empowers us to elegantly cater to the intricate needs of a vast spectrum of customers across a myriad of industries, where innovation and excellence converge to shape a boundless future. See more..

BukTel Technologies (BTL)

The illustrious BukTel entity thrives as a triumvirate of divisions under the aegis of ISE Cards India Limited, encompassing the pioneering realms of Buktel IT, Buktel Healthcare, and Buktel Telecom. These divisions resonate with excellence, with Buktel Technologies shining as a testament to ISE Cards India Limited's innovative spirit. Founded in 2001, the ISE Cards India Limited Group has nurtured Buktel Healthcare Services into a brand of distinction. Operating as a conduit, ISE Cards India Limited paves the way for Buktel International to bestow global connectivity, fostering seamless communication across the world's urban landscapes. A symphony of leading technology providers, service champions, carriers, and network operators converges under this visionary banner, amplifying the pulse of global connectivity and innovation. See more..

Meraj Distributors (MD)

Meraj Distributors, established on 15th August 1987, is a versatile domestic and international business company based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Evolving into a comprehensive online one-stop shopping destination, Meraj Distributors offers a wide array of high-quality products at competitive prices, spanning computers, printers, projectors, CCTV cameras, and more. They excel in providing IT solutions, including Wi-Fi and networking, toner and cartridge refilling, computer and printer repairs, and refurbished equipment, serving both individual and corporate clients with swift efficiency, allowing them to focus on what truly matters. See more..

ISE Cards India Limited (InkPlus)

ISE Cards India Limited, a conglomerate of diverse companies, thrives in a multifaceted business landscape encompassing IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Electronic Goods, Computer & Hardware, Consumer Goods, and more. This synthesis of businesses and collaborative partnerships embodies our commitment to continually refine and share our collective expertise. It empowers us to elegantly cater to the intricate needs of a vast spectrum of customers across a myriad of industries, where innovation and excellence converge to shape a boundless future. See more..

Primex Logistics Pvt Ltd (PLPL)

The PrimeX Logistics Private Limited (PLPL) is a visionary addition to the new wave of companies, dedicated to shaping a world where it stands as a global leader in supply chain solutions. PLPL seamlessly integrates Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics services to craft bespoke, globally connected end-to-end solutions. Leveraging extensive industry expertise and customized IT systems, PLPL stands unwavering in its commitment to orchestrate flawless supply chain management for customers, regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of their requirements. In this relentless pursuit of excellence, PLPL aspires to redefine the future of logistics on a global scale. See more..

ISE Cards India Limited ( Shop-in-Supermarkets)

The Shop-In Supermarkets, a thriving grocery retail pioneer, has rapidly flourished since its inception in Lucknow in 2018. At its core, the mission is to ignite a transformation in the landscape of retailers, guiding them towards a reimagined future for their Shop-In Mini Stores within an organized retail framework. The essence of Shop-In Supermarkets lies in its dedication to standardization, digitization, and centralization, revolutionizing the conventional Parchoon system to usher in a new era of retail excellence and convenience. See more..

Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd (

The MyBasera, a proud venture of Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., a private limited company founded in 2012, has evolved into a multifaceted infrastructure conglomerate. Specializing in Real Estate and Infrastructure Development, the company's remarkable journey demonstrates an exceptional ability to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of time and technology. This adaptability has not only fueled its incredible growth but has also transformed a modest group into a multi-crore enterprise, illustrating the power of vision, dedication, and resilience in shaping a brighter future. See more..

Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd (MRI)

The Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. (MRI), a private limited company established in 2012, has blossomed into a versatile infrastructure conglomerate, leaving its indelible mark on both Real Estate and Infrastructure Development. Their remarkable journey is a testament to their remarkable ability to embrace the ever-changing landscape of time and technology, propelling them towards astonishing growth. This transformation has elevated them from a modest group to a multi-crore enterprise, a shining example of how resilience and vision can sculpt an awe-inspiring future. See more..


The, establish in 2012, stands as a beacon of global education solutions. With a diversified approach, it offers consultancy services to students, educational institutes, and education-centric businesses, dedicating itself to enhancing and developing students' careers both within India and internationally. In this journey towards educational excellence, EDUGHAR aims to bridge gaps, illuminate paths, and empower aspirations, nurturing a world where knowledge knows no bounds, and every student's potential finds its deserving canvas, be it in the vast expanse of India or on the global stage. See more..

International organisations

(General Association of International Sports Federations)

(International Olympic Committee)

(International Non-Olympic Committee)

(World Anti-Doping Agency)

(International University Sports Federation)

Floorball organisations

Australian Floorball Association

New South Wales Floorball
Floorball Association of Western Australia
Victorian Floorball Association
Queensland Floorball Association
ACT Floorball Association
Newcastle Floorball Association
Glebe Floorball Club
Sydney Blue Tongues
Weston Creek Pirates FC

Austrian Floorball Federation
FBV Buchkirchen 2000
Carinthian Flyers Villach
IC Graz

UHC Vikinger Götzis

FBV Haag
IBC Leoben
PFIFF Bad Hall
Wiener Floorballverein 98
TVZ Wikings
VSV Unihockey

Belgian Floorball Federation
GSFT Strijtem
Juventus Iddergem F.C.
Leuven United F.C.

Stimulo FBC
The Mighty Devils Aalst
Union Beynoise Team

Brazilian Floorball Association

Canada Bandy Federation/Floorball
University of Toronto Floorball Club
Canada Cup
Aurora Floorball League
Toronto Floorball League
Floorball Quebec
BC Floorball Federation
Ontario Floorball/Unihockey Federation

Czech Floorball Union
Austrian School in Prague
FBK Bohemians Praha

1.SC Bohumin

FC Bourbon Prague

Bulldogs Brno

SPA-SB I Sharks Brno
FK Konzervy
FBC Liberec
FBC Lipnik

Litolica IBK Lysa
MAC Eagles
Hippos Zdar Nad Sazavou
FBC Pepino Ostrava
FBC Spartak Pelhrimov

Kučera Team
FBK Roznov pod Radhostem
SK Snipers Slavicin

FO USK Slavie
SSK Future - JIH
TJ Tatran Stresovice
SK Termix
Torpedo Pegres Havirov
IBK Tre Kronor Ostrava

FbK Orlicko Trebovsko
FBC Vikings

City Light Vitrine

1. SC SSK Vitkovice
1.FbC Znojmo
FBC Zshorni

Vosy Praha
TJ Sokol Ostrava Zabreh
Floorball News

Dansk Floorball Union
Aab Floorball
Brønderslev FC HotSHots
Esbjerg Sharks FC
Frederikshavn Bulldogs FC
Hafnia FC
Herlev FC
Hvidovre Attack Floorball Club
Hørsholm FK
FK Jyderup Farmers

Jægerspris Underducks FC
FF København
Ledøje-Smørum Floorball Devils
Lyngby FF
Odense FC
FC Outlaws
Rødovre FC

Skanderborg Real Killerbees FC
Stuckert FC
Sønderborg Vikings FC
Vallensbæk Floorball

Vanløse Floorball

Aarhus Firma Sport
Team Århus Floorball

Estonian Floorball Association
Jõgeva SK Tähe

Tartu University Academical Sportsclub

Finnish Floorball Federation
Men´s League
Women´s League
National Teams
Finnish Cup

Finnish Club links
FT Trackers
Porvoon Salibandyseura
SBS Rupu
Tapanilan Erä
Tikkurilan Tiikerit
Ålands IBF

French Floorball Association
CUB Besancon
CLAP FC (Nantes)

IFK Paris
Nordiques de Lille
Pirates Du Rhone (Lyon)
Paris Université Club
Gladiateurs d´Orléans

Georgian Floorball Association

German Floorball Association



Nordrhein Westfalen


SG Adelsberg Chemnitz
UHA Ascherslebener Ravens
AC Berlin
SGBA Tempelhof Berlin

UC Oker Joker Braunschweig
Unihockey-Gruppe der TU Braunschweig
TV Eiche Horn Bremen

Brockenhexen TU Clausthal
TSG Erlensee 1874
UC Flensburg
SV Floorball-Butzbach 04 e.V.
USC Flying Freddies
USV Halle
ETV Hamburg
PS Hannover
UC Heidelberg
TV Kornwestheim
ASV Köln
UH Löwen Leipzig
UHC Münster
TB Uphusen
UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels

Red Devils Wernigerode
USV Halle - Unihockey

Great Britain Floorball Federation
Aberdeen Floorball Club 
Basingstoke Floorball Club
Balwearie Floorball Club
Cambridge Floorball Club
Chapel Floorball Club
FBC Merseyside Ravens
London Vikings Floorball Club
Milton Keynes Phantoms Floorball Club
Southern Vipers FBC (former Ericsson GB)
Thames Valley Tornadoes FC

Dundee Floorball Club
Brighton Rock Floorball Club

Hungarian Floorball Federation
Arcadom SE
Ares-Hungaria Floorball Club

Bajai Darazsak és Méhek Floorball Club

Danube Crocodiles
Debreceni Floorball SE
Diamonds SC
ELTE Floorball
Fekete Ló Floorball Egyesület
Kassák Lajos Gimnázium Floorball

Mecman Eger Innebandy SE

Moebius SE - Triton Floorball Team
Neumann Floorball SE

Siketek SC - Floorball

Szegedi Floorball Egyesület
Szent-Györgyi Floorball DSE
Szolnok Cannibals FK


Veszprémi Egyetem Lizards Fitt SE
White Sharks HC

Floorball Federation of India

Italian Unihockey and Floorball Federation
GLS L´Aquila
FBC Bozen
SSV Bozen
UHC Dolo

Floorball Club Milano
QT8 Milano
Viking Roma FC
UHC Wild Boars Varese

Floorball server (unofficial)

Japan Floorball Association
Chofu Floorball Club
Hachioji MAX
Sendai MAX

Korea Floorball Federation

Latvian Floorball Union
Lauku Avize FK
SK Cesis/Lekrings
Rigas Lauvas
FK Riga
FK Riga 88
FK Valensa/jauna/
Triāls /jauna/

Liechtenstein Floorball Association
Unihockey Club Schaan

Malaysian Floorball Association

Netherlands Floorball and Unihockey Association
FB Agents Amsterdam
Floorball Flamingo´s

SV Vlugheid en Kracht
Groninger UV Quick Feet
U.C. Face Off Groningen
HSK Den Haag

M.S.U.V. Hooked
Hot Shots
Messed Up
Musketiers Sneek
Natuurlijk Gerijpt
Randstad Stockey Club

Vikings United Roosendaal
UA Sonics
WUV Stick Together
Tilburg Floorball
UFC Utrecht
Stichtung Unihockey Netherlands

New Zealand Floorball Association
Otago University Floorball Club

Norwegian Bandy Federation/Floorball
Norwegian links

Polish Floorball Federation
Aligator UKS Chwarzno Gdynia
AZS PWSZ Elhok Elblag
AZS AWF "KINGS" Biala Podlaska
FK Capitol Jarocin
K.S. Gorce Nowy Targ

K.S. Szarotka Nowy Targ
OKS Janowo Rumia
Uczniowski KS "Grzes"
UKS Absolwent Siedlec

UKS "Baza" Królewo
UKS Gródek
TKKF Pionier Tychy

Floorball serwis

Federation of Floorball of Russia
S:t Petersburg Floorball Federation
Nizhny Novgorod Floorball Federation
Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30
FC Raduga Nizhny Novgorod
White Bears

Singapore Floorball Association
NTU Floorball
NUS Floorball

NYP Floorball Club
Tazsilian United

Slovak Floorball Association
FBC Dragons Ruzinova Bratislava
Hurikan Bratislava
SK 1.FBC Trencin

Slovenian Floorball Association
FBC Borovnica
FBC Galaks Domel
FBC InSport
FBK Jesenice
FBK Ljubljana
FBC Thunder Jesenice
FC Loka Spiders
Zelenci Kranjska Gora

Spanish Unihockey and Floorball Association A.D.I.L
Club Innebandy Paracuellos
Club Unihockey Escorial
Club Unihockey y Floorball Fuengirola España

Club Deportivo Unihockey Gijón
Club Unihockey Lecazar
Club Unihockey-Floorball Leganes
Club Unihockey Madrid
Marbella Floorball Club

Swedish Floorball Federation
Swedish links

Swiss Floorball Association
Swiss Club links

Swiss Regions


Istanbul Florbol Kulübü

United States Floorball Association
Austin Floorball Club
Bay Area Floorball
MIT UC Boston
Boston Puukadet
Caltech Floorball Club
Denver Floorball Club
NYC Floorball
Orlando Tigers
Philadelphia Floorball
Triangle Floorball Club

Floorball Goalies International
Power Inside
X-Floor TV

Floorballmagasinet (Denmark)
Innebandy magazinet (Sweden)
UnihockeyMag (Germany)
Floorball Magazine(Netherlands)

Home of The International Floorball Federation:

The Singapore Floorball Association's web site.

World Floorball Championships 2005

Floorball Traveller's Contacts Guide (to the Galaxy ;o) :

Cool Floorball Shoot Out Competition!:

Check out the cool air gimmicking ("Ilmaveivi" in Finnish) videoclips and become more better with your personal stickhandlin' skills! : #Ilmaveivi
(The web page is in Finnish, but don't worry..just do like this: Click the "videot"-link (="videos" in English) and start downloading the clips you want to by right-clicking any picture you see!)

See how floorball is doing in Finland:

In Sweden:

In UK:

In Australia:

Or in Singapore:

The most extensive international floorball site:

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