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What is Floorball?
Floorball is one of the most rapidly growing sports in the world. Today there are 1.5 million people playing Floorball worldwide. A very fast-paced team game, Floorball is also one of the safest sports in the world and it can be played by anyone - young or old, male of female. As a fact, one recreational form of floorball game is to play boys and girls together!
Floorball is an indoor sport with five field players and one goalie on each team. Court can be wooden floor or as above picture shows - stone floor, but one can play this on a street also. When taking it to extreme, play this game on a beach! Each field player has a carbon graphite stick, which is about 3 feet long. The ball is 3 inches in diameter, white, and made of plastic. To make the ball light there are 26 little holes on the sides. The Floorball court is 120 feet x 60 feet with 20-inch high sideboards. (download the rules of the game from materials )
There is a goal at each end, which is guarded by a goalie without a stick. The goalie sits on his knees and can touch the ball over any part of the court as long as he has one part of his body in the goal area. Player has a stick and he can play from right or left. Also both sides of the shaft are allowed to use as well as scooping the ball (compare to field hockey).
The aim of the game is to shoot the ball into the other teams goal but you cannot touch the ball with your head, hand or with your arm. However, you can kick the ball forward onto your own stick. You cannot hit the ball with your stick above knee level. The team structure allows for substitutions and line changes, which are encouraged because of the fast pace of the games. Penalties leading to power play situations are also part of the game. In Floorball players are on foot and physical contact is not permitted.
Why Floorball?
Floorball is a fast game with many goal situations and quick turns in the game. The game has exploded from nothing to one of the biggest sports in Europe, and the same explosion is set to occur in India. Floorball is a very easy game to play even for the first time. Floorball equipment is relatively cheap; in addition to a stick you only need a pair of sneakers and sports clothes. Floorball is both a highly competitive and social sport, many people play it at amateur level just to meet friends and have fun. The World Championships are now held every two years attracting up 15,000 paid spectators for a single game. There is also Asian Continental Championship to be taken place in 2005, in Pakistan. 2006 federation is expecting to send the first ever team from India to the World Championships of Floorball. Do you want to be one of the team members? You have all the changes as anyone else, because the game is so new in India!
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